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DENISE Primary welcomes children in the age of 4 until 12. 

If you have a child under 4 and you already live in Amsterdam you join the local enrollment system. You will receive information from the Amsterdam municipality when your child becomes 3 years old. You can find the Amsterdam application form here. For DENISE there is a priority policy for not native Dutch speaking children. 

If you have a child who is 4 years or older you can send in a request for application. Please be ware that DENISE has a waiting list and that no right on placement may be derived from sending this form.

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DENISE Secondary welcomes children in the age of 12 until 18.

Students from outside The Netherlands (so called: newcomers) who don't speak Dutch start in our Group 0. In this group you will learn the first steps of Dutch and by running some tests we will get to know you and find the best place for you. That can be either DENISE (MAVO/HAVO/VWO/IB) or Mundus College (VMBO-BK). Group 0 is located at Mundus College.

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Students who already live and been in school in The Netherlands can request for application via:

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Please email the form with all required documents to