Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find the enrollment forms?

Is English also taught as an academic subject, and is it taught as English as a first language or a second language?
English is taught as an additional language. So Dutch is the first focus, but English ia also at a high level. In the primary we tech three days in Dutch and two in English. In de Secondary we teach 2/3 in Dutch and 1/3 in English (depending on subject).

What other languages are offered besides Dutch and English?
From group 10 and up we offer French. In the future (depending on the wishes of students) we might offer Spanish and German.

Wat are the school-times?
All classes (Primary and Secondary) start at 8.30am.  Primary ends at 3pm (exept Wednesday 12.30); secondary at 2.30pm or 3.30pm depending on rooster.

My kids don't have CITO scores, as they've spent the last 3 years in an international school, is that an issue?
No. We are not interested in CITO scores. 

Next to the vacation schedule, are there extra teacher prep days?  If so, are those published yet?
Yes, We have three days connected to Summer Holiday. First day of school will be September 1st. We also have an extra day before Hersftvakantie and Voorjaarsvakantie. denise.espritscholen.nl/home/praktisch/vakantieoverzicht/

Class size is max 22 (wonderful), but how many classes per grade?
Class size is maximum 22.  We have five classes in total: Two Lower Primary (group 1/2), Two Middle Primary (group 3/4/5) and One Upper Primary (group 6/7/8). So two or three year groups in one class.

In the IB schools, there is an annual school trip, normally tied to the learning, does Denise offer that as well?
We have Field trips almost each Unit, so that’s five times a year. A field-trip is mostly one day. Besides that the Middle-Primary and the Upper-Primary will go on a three-day trip.

As Denise is new, and the IB diploma is a priority, what are you doing to  make sure you get your certification on the proposed timeline?
We already enrolled to the certifying-procedre. This will take two years. For us it’s very important to get certified, so we will just make it happen. Besides that we have a very close coöperation with the AICS, who are already certified.

What is the fee for DENISE?
DENISE is a public school without fees. We do ask a voluntary parent-contribution depending on income. The maximum contribution (Camp included) in 2018/2019 is € 900,- for primary, € 360 for Secondary. IB students pay an additional €450.

Does DENISE have a waiting list?
Yes, we do have a waiting list for Primary. We do not and will not have a waiting list for Secondary Education (Age 12 and up). If you have questions regarding the admission procedure or about the waiting list, please contact Mrs. de Weerd by mail: info@denise.espritscholen.nl or by phone: 020-4802700.