International Middle Years Curriculum - VO

Ons Middle Years Curriculum is een curriculum voor leerlingen van 12-15 jaar gericht op een leerproces dat betrokkenheid bij en interesse in het leren behoudt en inspeelt op de specifieke behoeften van het zich ontwikkelende brein. Het IMYC wordt over de hele wereld op  zowel particuliere als openbare scholen ingezet.

The International Middle Years Curriculum improves the way that adolescents learn. It is a challenging, engaging, internationally-minded, concept-focused curriculum designed specifically for the unique learning needs of students in lower secondary. The IMYC helps students to make meaning of their learning by linking all subject learning to a conceptual theme called ‘The Big Idea’ . Individual and collaborative research and recording tasks are all linked to this Big Idea, supporting subject teachers in facilitating student-led, subject-based learning. Learning tasks provide opportunities for students to regularly problem solve, to think creatively, and to develop personal skills such as resilience, communication and adaptability.




Each exit point asks students to combine their understanding from the unit of work; showing how all their learning links though the Big Idea and what that means to them personally and in a real world context. The work in planning and producing these projects provides opportunities for extensive creative and student-led learning and, as students share in the presentations of their peers, more new learning and creativity is shared.  IMYC learning builds upon enquiry-based thematic primary and helps us to prepare students for the next stage of their learning. This includes the development of foundation subject knowledge and skills that students need for diploma programs like GCSE, iGCSE, IB Diploma and A levels. Students will develop skills required for complex researching and recording, for presenting and for using a range of media forms to present learning. In addition, the personal and international skills that students develop throughout their learning with the IMYC also provide crucial foundations for their senior school learning and even for future work opportunities. 

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Wij plannen de IMYC thema’s aan de hand van internationaal gerichte leerdoelen en de kerndoelen van het Nederlands onderwijs. Hierdoor ontstaat een programma dat zowel voldoet aan de ambities van onze school in een internationale context als de eisen die worden gesteld binnen het Nederlandse onderwijssysteem. Na het volgen van ons tweetalig Middle Years Curriculum zijn leerlingen voorbereidt op doorstroming naar een MAVO, HAVO of VWO diploma programma of een internationaal programma zoals het IB.  Op dit moment werken wij in het Middle Years Programma met de volgende thema’s:



Groep 9Groep 10Groep 11
periode 1BalanceCommunityRenewal
periode 3RespectCourageResponsibility
periode 4CuriosityChallengeLeadership
periode 5RelationshipReflectionEntrepeneurship