Broad international education for everyone

Our mission and vision

DENISE is a school that offers an international education accessible to everyone. Our focus is on the world's present and future, with a shared responsibility towards it. We offer broad International Dutch education that lays a strong foundation for growing up in Dutch society. To ensure that each student receives a tailored education, we have designed five programs that cater to different backgrounds and enable students to make choices for their development. In addition to academic learning, we prioritize the individual development of each student by setting personal learning goals. We focus on developing qualities like thoughtfulness, adaptability, resilience, and international awareness. Our school is a community where parents play an active role in shaping our international profile. We welcome students from all nationalities who share our goals, and many of our students learn Dutch with us, depending on their age and educational background.

Our educational approach centers on creating a diverse community of students, teachers, and supporters, a crucial component of our mission and vision for the next five years. Our school plan for 2021-2025 aims to establish flexible educational pathways and offer a wide range of content that allows students to explore their identity, capabilities, passions, and fears while learning from and with others. Ultimately, we aim to provide students with a diploma that aligns with their ambitions and abilities.

Our vision is shaped by three core values: responsibility, connectedness, and open-mindedness. At DENISE, we believe in learning from and with a super-diverse community of students worldwide. We strive to work collaboratively and view the world from different perspectives.

We provide continuous learning opportunities for students aged 4 to 18, with all staff members ensuring a smooth transition for students entering a new class. Our goal is always to give students a perspective that motivates them to succeed.

At DENISE, we recognize the importance of language acquisition, and as such, we offer classes in Dutch and English. Additionally, students are encouraged to use their mother tongue to prepare for an English or Dutch-language diploma program.

We differentiate classes by age and academic level. Students remain in mixed classes until they reach group 11. We utilize assessment tasks to facilitate learning and provide social and emotional development opportunities. Our goal is to educate our students on the importance of sustainability for themselves, their school, the environment, and the world.

Our mission and vision are embodied in our motto: "Shaping your future by knowing your past."


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